RAC (Recognition of Acquired Competencies)


What is RAC ( Recognition of Acquired Competencies) ?

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The Ministry of Education believes that on-the-job training should count towards the granting of a diploma or attestation.  Through our Recognition of Acquired Competencies Program, you can gain advanced standing in a diploma or attestation program because of the experience you bring to your studies.

During a RAC interview you will meet with a content specialist who will guide you through the process; review the career competencies you have developed, the objectives and competencies which are to be developed within a career program, and create an individualized study and assessment plan that will lead you to the successful completion of, and graduation from, a recognized vocational course of study.

RAC is available in, but not limited to, the following vocational programs: Accounting, Secretarial Studies, Computing Support, School Daycare Educator ,Construction Business Management, Hotel Reception, Institutional, and Home Care Assistance, Carpentry and Industrial Drafting

Is RAC for you?

RAC is for adults who have significant experience in a specific field and wish to have this experience officially recognized. RAC is for you if you are motivated to update your skills, have years of working experience in one field, have had a variety of learning experiences, volunteer or take on new roles and responsibilities. It is also for someone who has received training outside of Québec that is not currently recognized by the Ministry of Education. Check out our Computing Support candidate below!


WHY decide to proceed with RAC?

  • Improve your working conditions
  • Acquire a diploma to aspire to a new job
  • Integrate more easily into the job market (persons outside Quebec or outside the rest of Canada)
  • Qualify to meet the requirements of regulated trades.
  • Take stock of the competencies you have acquired over the years for personal reasons.

Listen to Elizabeth (PAB)  tell us about what it’s like to be in the RAC process with CDC Pont-Viau

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