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Welcome back to CDC Vimont,

We are writing to you today to provide an update regarding the return to school procedures.

This year’s return to school will come with some new organization and class practices in order to keep a safe and healthy environment.

Depending on enrolment and classroom capacity the students in the Beginner and Advanced Basic English classes will be divided into groups, Group A and Group B. Students will come to the Centre in person only two days per week, depending on their assigned group. On the remaining days, students will engage in distance learning.  The INTERMEDIATE classes will be online only. (See table below.)

On August 31, 2020, at 8:20, please go to room 225 where you will be assigned to your group and will be given your schedule- your teacher will give you more information and will answer your questions should you have any regarding learning in this particular context.

As we open the Centre, it is important that everyone recognize the role they play in protecting themselves and others. It is imperative that if anyone experiences any symptoms (e.g., fever, cough, chills, nausea, etc.), she/he must remain at home. If you have travelled outside of the country in the last 14 days or have been in close contact with someone diagnosed with Covid-19, you must stay home.

We have enhanced our sanitation procedures to keep our environment safe. The best way to accomplish that is for each of us to demonstrate individual responsibility. We will have hand sanitation stations placed throughout our Center and students will be encouraged to regularly wash their hands.

All staff and students in the Centre must wear masks when entering the building, in hallways, common areas, bathrooms and in any other circumstance where physical distancing cannot be maintained.  Classrooms have been reorganized to allow social distancing of 2 meters between learning stations.

While we can only plan for what we know today, we will remain adaptable as new conditions emerge.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Stay safe, stay healthy.

Best wishes from the Administration and Staff at CDC Vimont