To promote a healthy lifestyle, our high schools offer various sports activities and events which include football, hockey, soccer, basketball, handball, floor hockey, gymnastics, wrestling, track & field, cross country skiing, broomball, weightlifting, and intramural sports. We also offer sports concentration programs or sports-études programs which give students the benefit of more time within the regular school day to develop their skills in a specific sport and their overall athletic abilities (football, hockey, and soccer).

In the arts concentration program, students benefit from more time during the regular school day to develop their skills in creative arts and have an opportunity to learn and showcase their abilities in music, art, dance, and theatre.

Our Advanced/Enriched Program provides an opportunity for advanced students to be immersed in a more challenging curriculum and designed to meet their particular talents. This accelerated learning program is an enrichment of the regular curriculum. It has a limited enrollment and applies only to students with a minimum mark and teacher recommendation for admission. Students can be enriched in several subjects such as English, French, Math, and Science. For more information and to know which of our schools offer the Advanced/Enriched Program, please contact us at

We offer state of the art technology, which include mobile labs and Smartboards in all schools and provide transportation for all our students and all of our schools for which they are zoned for.

We also offer a variety of educational, cultural and recreational activities throughout the school year. This includes community breakfasts, a robotics team, science fairs, career fairs, literary journals, dances, theme days, game rooms, web site development, woodworking, gamer club, Terry Fox runs, breast cancer runs, artistic events, field days and winter carnivals.

The Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board hosted the Montreal Regional Science Fair in March 2012 at the Laval Junior and Laval Liberty High Schools. This fair brings together hundreds of students from the Montreal region who are provided with the opportunity to showcase their science projects and experiments. The next great breakthrough in Science may very well have been on display during this 3-day event!