To apply for a program for a program at elementary or secondary (YOUTH SECTOR) or for VOCATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAM click on the APPLY NOW red button on your right.

If you require homestay, please fill out the homestay application form

You will be requested to email these documents when we contact you.

  • Copy of your original birth certificate, notarized and translated into English. Translations must be signed and notarized. Photocopies must be certified.
  • Copy of latest original transcripts, translated into English. Translations must be signed. Photocopies must be certified with the issuing school’s stamp.
  • Passport

Steps by step

Step 1

•       Parent or legal guardian may go through agent or contact school board directly

•       e-mail

Step 2

•       Candidate submits academic documents (diploma(s) + transcript(s));

•       Pre-requisites checked by school/centre

Step 3

•       Application package sent to candidate

•       Once completed by candidate then forwarded back to ISP with a payment of $100.00 CAD (application fee)

•       After payment received, letter of admission is issued.

Step 4

•       Apply for Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) CLICK HERE

•       Application on-line

•       Can be done by applicant or agent

•       Process takes 4-5 weeks

Step 5

•       Apply for Study Permit in Canada

•       Process usually takes 2-3 months

•       This document issued to student, at airport when arrives, by an immigration officer

Step 6

•       Register at school or centre  prior to starting date

Documents required:

•       Valid passport

•       Birth certificate

•       CAQ

•       Study Permit

•       Academic papers

•       Health Insurance Policy

NOTE: All documents should be original and translated

  • All information regarding the process for foreign students can be obtained from:
  • Student can apply for a visa when CAQ is approved but it is recommended to have both CAQ and study permit. This process can take up to 6 months.
  • All international students are able to work part-time up to a maximum of 20 hours per week

If you have any questions or to apply, please contact Elisa Medellin, International Student Program Officer by email at or by phone at 450 621-5600 extension 4142.


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