How can I register to one of the centres? 
See the Adult Education registration section on this website.  For further information please call at 450 688-2933 or 1 877 688-2933.

Do you offer online classes?

Yes we do! Please call 450.688.2933 ext. 3147 for class schedules and information.

Do you offer French courses?
Yes, we offer the Francization program for allophones or recent immigrants who want to integrate the Quebec culture and learn French.

Do you offer English language courses?
Yes, we offer BasicEnglish courses for those who want to learn English as a second or third language.  -We also offer English courses for those who want to improve their English for work.

Do you offer computer courses?
Yes, we offer computer courses through our General Education Program.  We also offer computer courses for beginners as a Popular Education course.

What are the fees?
At this time there are no fees to register for Adult Education until otherwise stated. Books are NOT included.

What vocational programs do you offer?
Please click on the Vocational Training tab on the top of this page for complete information.

Can I have information regarding equivalency exams and/or general development test? 
For information regarding both Equivalency Exams and General Development Test please call our SARCA services and ask to speak to the counselor at extension 3100.

Do you offer distance courses in order to finish high school?
Our centre works in partnership with Distance Education of the Eastern Townships School Board.  Please call the CDC Vimont centre and dial extension 3100 for additional information.

I am a new immigrant and I have just moved to this area.  Who can I speak to in order to get information on the education system, training programs, etc?
Please call our SARCA services (Reception-referral-counseling and support service) to speak to the counselor at extension 3100.

How old must I be to register?
You must be at least sixteen (16) years of age by June 30th of  the scholastic year of entry.

Are there evening classes?
Yes, we offer evening classes at CDC Vimont.

Can I follow courses at my own rhythm?
A number of classes are offered in an individualized manner where student studies at their own pace.

How long is a semester?
A semester is 13 to 14 weeks long.  Many high school courses can be completed within a 10 week period.

Why do you ask us to complete placement exams?