Please note that there will be no classes from March 4th to March 8th 2024 inclusively.

Have a restful Spring Break.


– Can I pursue my education, part time, attending evening classes?

Yes.  Our CDC Vimont General Adult Education Centre is open 4 evenings a week and it is possible to register for certain predetermined courses (ex. missing credits for Vocational or Technical training)However, not all courses are offered.  Please contact the center to get more information.
All the DVS programs in CDC Pont Viau are given during daytime.

– How old is too old to start a new career with a DVS diploma?

Never!  We strongly believe in lifelong learning.   Your willingness and ability are your only limits.

– I’m 24 years old, left school years ago without my Secondary 5.  Will I be accepted for the accounting DVS program? 

It depends: like most DVS programs, the prerequisite to register in this program is the completion of the Secondary IV credits. If you don’t have them, a High School Equivalency could be an option. For more information, please contact the centre.

– I have recently been  laid off. I have 5 years experience as an Office clerk.  I failed the Access Microsoft software test during my last job interview. Can I learn this specific software only?

Yes!  At CDC Pont-Viau we offer customized training in Computerized Office Practice & Accounting in partnership with Emploi-Québec. In this case,must first present yourself at your nearest local employment center – CLE and request more information. Following this,  you must book an appointment with one of our Academic Advisor.
P.S The choice of language of instruction is available for this program.

– I live in the Ahuntsic district of Montreal. I saw that your Computing support DVS program is starting soon. The start date is really convenient for me and I am willing to travel  but since I’m not living in Laval, can I register as a student?

Yes.  In regards to Vocational training programs offered in Quebec, the adult may register in the training centre of his/her choice.

– What exactly is a Career Exploration Lab, I have never heard of one?

It is unique in our territory. We provide customized sessions with 16 interactive technical/vocational modules which cover over 46 different career paths. One of them may be just right for you!

One module includes a computer, activity binder and hands-on equipment. This is an interactive environment with non-traditional active learning opportunities for students who will be using the same software that professionals use in the field.

Individuals can book sessions in particular time blocks of two hours. We are open to discussing your needs so that we may customize our service offering to suit you.

– I browsed your web site. Quite a few options now appeal to me. Honestly, making the right decision for my future makes me feel a little bit insecure. Can I meet someone and discuss it one on one?

Absolutely!  That is one of the reasons the SARCA services were put in place. Consider this option as your gateway to Education. See you soon!