Programs & Services Offered


  • High School Diploma (DES)
  • Prerequisites for CEGEP or DEP/Trade
  • Language Courses: Francization & Basic English
  • Social Integration Services (SIS)


  • SARCA (Services d’Accueil, de Référence, de Conseil et d’Accompagnement)
  • Guidance Counselling Services
  • Exams for Distance Education
  • General Development Test (GDT)
  • Secondary School Equivalency Testing (SSET)
  • CCQ Attestation Prerequisites


High School Diploma & Prerequisites (CEGEP, DVS, Trade)

  • Individualized schedules & plans to accommodate your needs. Availabilities, Monday to Friday 8:20 to 3:30
  • Online classes and in-person classes available
  • Evening classes: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00 to 9:00pm

Language Courses

Francization (all levels) 

  • Monday to Friday (20-hour week) 8:20am – 12:40 or Monday to Friday  (30-hour week) 8:20am–12:40 + 1:30 – 3:30

Registrations for Francization courses as of June 1st, 2023

Our centers, CDC Vimont and CDC Lachute, are proud partners of the Québec government in offering French language training services for:

Our centers and staff welcome you and are available to support you, should you require assistance.

To register, visit Apprendre le français.

Basic English ( all levels) 

  • Monday to Friday (20-hour week) 8:20 – 12:40 or Tuesday & Thursday Evening (6-hour week) 6:00pm  – 9:00 pm

*Note:  Students financed by Emploi-Quebec must follow a 30-hour program.