Support for Assistive Care in Long-Term Care Centres (STC)

Support for Assistive Care in Long-Term Care Centres



CHSLD care attendants provide care to older adults, people living with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses, and clients who are receiving palliative care. They are responsible for assisting clients with their mobility, activities of daily living, and personal care. They observe and monitor their clients, and are responsible for reporting changes and unsafe conditions to their supervisor.

The Québec government wants to make it easier for you to obtain a rewarding job where every action makes a difference. You will earn the Health Care Facility Patient Service Support Skills Training Certificate,  after receiving quality training at  CDC Pont Viau.

In addition to enabling you to quickly start contributing in the service of public health, this short initial training also allows you to obtain a Skills Training Certificate leading to official certification as a CHSLD orderly.

Some of the Benefits by this training program

  • Combination of learning in the classroom and learning in the workplace, thus giving you experience in the field
  • Short program with 375 hours of full-time training, 5 days a week, spread over 12 weeks


Préalables requis


  • Must be 18 years old and over
  • Must have successfully completed secondary 3 English, French and Math.
  • Must  be available as a full time student for 3 months



Identification Documents (all original):

  • Quebec Birth Certificate OR
  • Permanent Resident Card OR
  • Canadian Citizenship Card/Certificate

Educational Documents (originals):

  • Permanent Code OR
  • High School Diploma OR
  • Secondary 3

Free schooling qualifications documents

  • CSQ (Certificat de Sélection du Québec) OR
  • 3 years Notice of Assesments from federal or provincial

    First name

    Last name