About Us – Service aux entreprises

Our mission 

To become a partner of choice for your training projects.

Our commitment

To deliver high quality, personalized training while providing a flexible, timely and streamlined service.

We have a team of experienced instructors from various professional backgrounds who will lend you their expertise.

As a recognized educational institution, we are best placed to take care of the training needs of your employees.

At Qualificaction, we strongly believe that manpower development offers a competitive advantage to any business.

Don’t wait any longer, take action !

An Adapted Formula

Your company is unique, and we will ensure that our training meets your specific needs. Our “tailor-made” formula will ensure a perfect match between your reality and our training.

The procedure is simple! We will go meet with you to establish your objectives following an analysis of your company’s current situation. Once the skills that need to be developed will have been identified, we will propose a personalized training plan.

Our instructors go directly to your workplace to avoid unnecessary travel. The courses are given on the days and hours that are best convenient for you; a flexibility that will certainly be greatly appreciated.

All our courses are offered in both French and English and lead to training certificates.

Expenses incurred are eligible training expenditures under Bill 90 (An Act to Promote Workforce Skills Development – 1%).

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