Canada Homestay International

The Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board works in partnership with Canada Homestay International (CHI) and promotes this host family program within its schools, amongst students, teachers, administrators or people who live within the same community where the school is located. We work closely together to support agents and students.

After having sent an application form to CHI, the family’s information is screened and processed in order to make sure that our international students are placed in a great home. CHI ensures that each family can provide: a furnished room, 3 nutritious meals a day and a wholesome family environment.

Each family interested in hosting an international student has to go through a rigorous selection process.

A full inspection of the home and a security background check are all part of the precautions taken to ensure the safety of the students.

Families that are selected may come from different backgrounds and origins. These families tend to have middle to upper socioeconomic status. They vary in number, from having younger or older children, to even some with no children or children who have already left home. The international student has the opportunity to choose whether he or she wants a French or English-speaking family based on availability.

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