Management and Human Relations

IMPORTANT: During the COVID-19 crisis, we offer a multitude of online business training as well as coaching services.

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A business is nothing without the people who work in it — and who make it work — so it’s essential to pay attention to how people act and interact with each other and how interpersonal relationships are managed within your company.

Our training courses seeks to develop your employees’ full potential by teaching them the best work habits, the right attitude to have and the most efficient way to manage their staff.

Developing soft skills maximizes team synergy, improves employee retention and enhances the work atmosphere.  And, it’s well known, happy and committed employees are more efficient!

Courses available:

  • Time and Priority Management
  • Change Management
  • Personality Types in Teams
  • Interpersonal Skills and Courtesy at Work
  • Cultural and Generational Diversity
  • Effective Communications
  • Leadership
  • Instructor Training
  • Coaching
  • And many more…

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