Student Testimonials

What they have to say...

“I thought being a PAB was just taking care of old people but this program opened my eyes and helped me give the best care possible.”  Shaquali (student -Health Care Facilities)

“I had a patient who always told me to keep my smile all the time.  “Anytime you enter in the room, I forget everything”.  She ended up saying that I am her grand-daughter.  When the stage finished, she cried and hugged me.  “I am going to miss you”.
Raksha Paiel (student -Health Care Facilities)

“I am proud to have my certificate today.  I am sending my sincere greetings to our teachers and the rest of the staff.  The patients were happy with the services I gave them.  One of them said to me “Mohammed, keep helping people and working hard all the time”.  This patient does not talk that much but that day he smiled at me.”
Mohammed Sani Zulkarmaini (student -Health Care Facilities)

“I would like to share my thoughts about the whole experience on P.A.B.  I could not thank the whole staff enough for their kindness, patience and ways of motivation.
The support we all received from CDC Pont-Viau was incredible and although we have completed and have been rewarded, we will never forget everything we have experienced at this school and the techniques, strength and smiles were very much appreciated. We can’t thank you all enough.” Jessica Aube (student -Health Care Facilities)

“I would like to give you my comments regarding the work placement group HEC3A-2010, Assistance in Health Care Facilities from CDC Pont-Viau. This group demonstrated exemplary collaboration with the 3OS team.  The students were discreet, helping and well centered on team work. Their teacher, Mrs. Marie-Paule Thibault knows how to supervise her students.  She has control of her group at all times; she guides and teaches with tact, calm and professionalism.  In short, the 3OS team and I have really appreciated sharing the unit with this group.”

Kathleen Henley
Chef de l’unité de pneumologie (3OS)  et du  Maintien à domicile
Direction santé physique
CSSS de Laval
Hôpital Cité de la santé 

“As I always say to myself: if others can do it, why can’t I?” Flordelisabeth Sisson

“Learning from your classmates is a gift, team work always made missions possible.” Natasha Menard