Language Competency Development Center

We offer French programs of study for our students who are enrolled in our Vocational Training Programs specifically designed to support the learning of our International students.

What do we offer?

French B2 Equivalencies-

  • A French programs leading to the B2 equivalencies or level 7 of the echelle Quebecoise, Intermediate and Advanced
  • FRE 5092-6 French as a second language course
  • Preparation Courses – Basic and Intermediate Levels

Placement Tests are mandatory for all levels.


When are the courses offered?

Evenings and Weekends

  • 400 hours (full time)
  • 10 hours per week
  • 3 hours Tuesdays and Thursdays and 4 hours on Saturday mornings


Summer Programs are available depending on demand

What are the Fees?

Application Fee- $100.00

Course Fee (400 hours)                  TBA       (materials and books included)


Requirements for International Students:

  • Valid Passport
  • Study Permit
  • CAQ (Quebec Acceptance Certificate)
  • Translated Birth Certificate

If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Thibault, International Student Program Officer by email at or by phone at 450 621-5600 extension 4142.